Thursday, June 16, 2016 Twitter Test?                6-16-16

Is This a Twitter Test?

Today is a Number with Good Fortune
While waiting for an important phone call, I have finished paperwork that should have been done yesterday or maybe last week.  And every time I type the date, I say “Good.  You will bring Positive Answers to my Quests.

This is my search:  To find people who will used their Kindle account and click on my book, “The Alternate Safe World of Sanctuary.”  It is FREE with prime and the huge sum of 99 cents otherwise.  The only way for me to market my book is to tell a lot of people about it.  This has been moderately successful by the publicity of the last month.

88 year-old-great grandmother graduates.

I’ll find out if today is truly a day that leads to progress and success.  Did I make lemonade on this date?  Here’s a lemonade toast to Mariam!

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