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Time Travel: PROGRESS REPORT on Biograpy for FRED CHESHIRE

Time Travel: PROGRESS REPORT on Biography for FRED CHESHIRE: PROGRESS   REPORT   on   Biography for FRED   CHESHIRE   I’m excited!   The archery kids – the computer kids – those who hated math...



  I’m excited!  The archery kids – the computer kids – those who hated math and loved the income tax drills – are sending stories about Mr. Cheshire, their favorite coach and teacher.
  Fred’s biography will be divided into two books --- The first part, including the fantastic messages from his students, will take place from his early life to the day of the accident.  I’m still debating which title is more appropriate - “Fred’s Story” or “Worries Never Happen”.  The publication date is several months away.  I’m hoping for more pictures and there is still a ton of editing to do. 
   Then it will be time for serious get-down-to-business for the next book - “There’s Nothing I Can’t Do,” – where the story starts with that change-of-life day June 7, 1977. 
   If Fred added something to your life during these years, please let me know at


We reached our goal!  Scholarships will be awarded this fall to two Glendale College students who need help in the English language with their studies.  These are the students that Fred tutored in the years before his life was cut short.  The $10,000.00 seed money is continuing to grow and making money for future scholarships.  Because of the contributions of so many good people the Dr. Fred Cheshire Scholarships will continue as long as there are learning institutions and students who need help. 


The Lifes and Loves of Myrt-ty-Ky-Ly Dragaan Princess” will still be available on Kindle and Amazon (preview  but I’ve put her on the back burner for marketing.   Very little feedback has come through for the story of Louey and her good friend, the Dragaan Princess.  I haven’t figured out if: (1) you don’t have the time or money to buy it; (2) you’ve been postponing telling me how much you enjoyed it; or (3) or you haven’t figured out why I wrote it.


Vacation time – ten days with bestest sister Nancy – meant talking about ‘what is to come.’ The scary age of NINETY-ONE is creeping up on me very quickly.  Will the pain doctors give relief if the knife is used?  Or do I have to accept and adjust?  Will I need to leave my wonderful sunshiny Phoenix patio for the rainy day comfort of Beaumont?  Stay tuned to this station for next year’s installment of “Living Life to the Fullest.”

  Until my next Blog . . . Stay happy. 

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Time Travel: DRAGAAN PRINCESS is now on Kindle


DRAGAAN PRINCESS is now on Kindle


MYRT-TY-KY-LY DRAGAAN PRINCESS  is out there for you to read on Kindle.  The first page is blank.  There are still two typos that I know of.  If you find more, I’d be glad to hear about them as I hope to do a re-issue. 

If you want to write a review on Kindle or Amazon, I would like that even if you didn’t mark five stars.  This story tells about a period in our history.  You may not be interested in the 1930s, ‘40’s, ‘50s.   On the other hand you might enjoy my style of reality writing.  Either way, I’m glad you spent a bit of your time in my world. 

For now, I’m putting my first two books and my web site to one side. is not the same format as two months ago.  GoDaddy made some changes, I had to adjust and lost my published stories.  It took trial and error for this slow-poke to present my Books, Blogs and Life in a short paced manner.  Go look at it for further information.


Fred’s bio, “There’s Nothing I Can’t Do,” will be getting 100% of my attention.  I’ve collected a few more pictures and a few more ‘incidents.’ (understatement!)

I’m looking for stories to augment what I’ve found so far.  Does anyone remember 1986 and Phoenix College followed by ASU and marriage?  Were you around when he began teaching at Royal Palm in 1971?    Every anecdote helps to tell about Fred as a person instead of just showing dates.   Write me a note and let’s talk about Fred Cheshire. 

Saturday, January 27, 2018


-------- success --------
The idea started small.  What could we do for Fred?  We said, “Please don’t send flowers to the Service – We want something lasting.” 

Nancy came up with a suggestion.  “Fred didn’t finish the teaching that he loved.  Let’s do it for him.”  Next came phone calls and talking it out.  Yes, it can be done.  It takes $10,000.00 to set up an endowed Scholarship – the kind that keeps growing and stays around forever.  Who’s got a spare 10 g’s in their pocket?

We found out -- Friends and students and caretakers and family and teachers and people from the past and people who care about him now. 

Fred’s work will continue!

Glendale College Students needing English language Tutoring

Who did this?  One donation, maybe from a piggy bank, totaled Eight Dollars.  Another letter said “You’re not growing fast enough.  I will double my hundred dollars.”  A former student contributed the largest amount and said:  “His class made all the difference in my life.  I had been bullied and told I was stupid.  Mr. Cheshire didn’t believe that and, when in his class, I had the chance to grow and believe in myself.”

Our Anonymous Donor kept up with all of the contributions and matched until we reached our goal. 

This adds up to a stew-pot mixture of wonderful love for Fred.

Every contributor receives a notice from Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation that your contribution is income-tax deductible.  You should also have a personal letter signed by Mariam and Magaly to say ‘thank you’ and enclosing “My Story for the Service.”  If you have not received this, please let me know at:

----NEXT   STEP----
The dollars* (see below) that are donated from now until March 16, 2018 will go directly for a Fall 2018 Scholarship.  After that donations will go back into the seed money for growing and awarding.  Sister Nancy insisted that we have the first Scholarship this year due to my 90 year old age.  She wants to be sure that I’m around to give the first Award to one of Dr. Fred’s students. 

Fred’s biography is progressing.  After leaving the Rio Grande Valley, we are in Phoenix and Fred enrolled in Phoenix College. Anyone with anecdotes of those days please get in touch with me.  I’ve already found out that a mother misses a lot.

*Dollars may go to:  for credit card

Checks may be mailed to:   Please indicate Fred’s name and 5629 
          Maricopa Community College Foundation,
                    2419 West 14th St., Tempe, AZ 85281   . . . or . . .
Maricopa Community College Foundation
c/o Mariam Cheshire, 613 N. 4th Ave., #616, Phoenix, AZ 85003

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Time Travel: Myrt-ty-Ky-Ly Review

Time Travel: Myrt-ty-Ky-Ly Review: Hello Everybody I got a review on my new book – I’m not sure if it’s good or bad – but here it is anyway.   “Lifes and Loves of ...

Myrt-ty-Ky-Ly Review

Hello Everybody
I got a review on my new book – I’m not sure if it’s good or bad – but here it is anyway.  

“Lifes and Loves of Myrt-ty-ty-Ky-Ly, Dragaan Princess.”
Today it would be called "reality" and could be printed on the front page of the newspaper. In the 50's it was hidden, Louey couldn't talk about being raped, not even to her family.
   Louey invented a friend, Myrt-ty-Ky-Ly, the Dragaan Princess, so she had someone to call for help. The author goes back and forth -- first a chapter on Myrt-ty and then a chapter on Louey. They both grow up together. The author admits that Louey's life is based on the treatment she had when she was young. It begins with the way it was in the 1930's and a lack of money, then the 1940's with the war heroes returning, and in the 1950's the treatment of women in the workplace and the result of drugs.
   Myrt-ty's dragaan life seems just as real as Louey's life. Her family might be next door, especially GrandMyrt, who has the same bossiness that my grandma did. Growing up she fights the rules. Why can't she do what boy dragaans do?  Then I can't begin to explain about her love life -- it seems rather powerful in the dragaan society.
   When I heard that Mariam had published a new book, I hoped it would be a sequel to Sanctuary. (The Alternate Safe World of Sanctuary). Although both are 'what-if' books, in Myrt-ty-Ky-Ly she presents more to mull over. One such chapter is when Myrt-ty walks in someone else's shoes. Also, is Louey substituting a Dragaan Princess for God?
   As I write this review I'm reading Myrt-ty for the second time and more slowly to understand what I missed the first time. I definitely give it five stars and recommend it to everyone except children.

Available on Amazon now and will have it available on Kindle shortly.  I’m waiting for answers on how to change the format.  First chapter can be read on:
“There’s Nothing I Can’t Do.” Fred’s biography, is up to 20,000 words and he is now in college.  I’ll either have to cut a lot or make this a book of three volumes.  Sigh.  I’m waiting for further stories from people who knew him.

Hugs and blessings to all, Mariam