Thursday, July 13, 2017


Time Travel: FUN TIME IN TEXAS: Fourth of July and Fireworks.    The anchor is down on the pontoon boat and we are surrounded by the bright green Neches River trees. ...


Fourth of July and Fireworks. 
  The anchor is down on the pontoon boat and we are surrounded by the bright green Neches River trees.  Watching the white clouds build into stormy shapes.  Eating salami and cheese sandwiches and drinking a beer with sister and friends.  There is no better vacation for an escapee from Arizona heat.
The three weeks fly by far too quickly.  Sister Nan starts out the first week with the check-ups, teeth and eyes, both of which I pass with no problems.

Then our fun time comes by putting our mother’s paintings on the entry way hall of Nan’s new home.  

We take our time placing them on the wall and reminiscing with Mom.  

The second week has been reserved for Tyler State Park.  It’s a comfortable fit for the three of us in the ‘Minnie Winnie,’ the 13 foot Winnebago camper.

I have slowed down from the previous year but still enjoy hiking several trails, getting my breath when I stop to take photos of the wild flowers. 

We explore the Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge with tigers and lions and leopards, learning much from the young cute volunteers.  

Another different kind of day is the First Monday Trade Day in Canton, the largest continually operating outdoor flea market. A scooter has been reserved for me but I allowed sister and Mr. B the fun of operating it also.  Money spent?  My contribution amounted to four dollars for a glass bear paperweight.  

High on my bucket list – kayaking on the lake in front of our camp.   However, last year I sailed the single seater kayak right into the weeds, so I was outvoted in favor of the paddle boat. 
 Our front yard is the perfect place for naptime.  Weather in the 70’s, light breeze, warm sunshine.  Who can want for more?!!  

I looked forward to our three day visit with my niece and family and this year she had a new toy for me.  The Harley Davidson Trike has lots of power and I knew I could handle it.  Well, at least from the back seat. 

Back home in Phoenix again, clearing up paperwork, trying to decide on another plan.  The big Nine-Oh comes up next month.  Son Fred will not hear of me making a chute jump.  I’m trying to think of one last big adventure that I can get by with and show the world I am not yet old.  I wonder if there are any Piper J-3 Cubs still flying.  I know I could bounce it in easy.