Thursday, September 17, 2015


When involved with a family – there is never a day goes by – when one wonders, “Am I doing this right?”  “Is my decision a mistake?”  Should I have talked to the kid or whacked him one?”  

The years fly by.  Somehow or another we managed to cheerfully survive the various crises, coming out on top with good health, happy expectations and love.  Nice.
The next couple of generations came along with the same questions and the same results.

This year those chickens have come home to roost.   

Through one of those happenstance quirks of fate, I am now enrolled in The Science of Nutrition, online at Phoenix College.  If I make it through this, the three credits earned will qualify me for an Associate of Arts degree.  When I wear the cap and gown down the aisle, it will mean four generations of our Phoenix Cheshire clan will have marched down that aisle.

It taint easy.  This 88 year old mind does not do a good job of remembering.  I struggle to answer questions and when at the wits’ end, I holler for help.  This last week I have been able to put the test to rest and sleep at night after emails to and from my Talia and my Fred.  Here are the time lines:  71 years from start to graduate, 22 years for production of Talia and 70 years of appreciation for my kid.  Time does fly.

The summer of 2015 has been unbelievable sunshine.  Three weeks in Texas with a great variety of fun with special sister Nancy.  Buford had the job of taking care of the “Lewis girls”.  Then Yellowstone and turning 88. 

The finale came with a cousin re-union:  Texas Kathy and Joanna  joined their Arizona family, Fred, Alice, Chris, Adriana, Terra with Clifton, Talia with Brian and my ‘I love you grandma’ Tia. 

After a week of feeling uggy and wondering if I could do it, this morning I submitted the quiz and report for Chapter Three.  I am learning about such strange animals as what happy bacteria do in the Gut Flora; where to avoid Gluten in the Celiac Disease; Probiotics (adding healthy bacteria), and Prebiotics (how to feed good bacteria).  I expect a 100 grade.  I expected that on the last test and was 20% wrong.  If you are interested, I’ll let you know.

This Blog is because I am so happy and so relieved to have Chapter Three on the way to teacher.  There are 12 more lessons to go, ending up December 9 and the chapter headings sound much more fearsome.  I’m looking forward to more help.

Family, I love you.                         
Mariam Lewis Heiny Cheshire         September 16, 2015