Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Those colorful butterflies of happiness flit around, fluttering up, drifting down, coming close, don’t look . . . or those wings of beauty will disappear.  Then – suddenly – from an unexpected direction, one comes and Ands landsupon my shoulder. 

Writing a book is fun,    selling it is work.  I have considered many ways of getting attention for Sanctuary: make a box sign and march down Central in my undies . . . but alas, my figure would not get the right kind of attention.  Or talk my Tia into helping . . . her figure would be great but she might not want a police record. 

Never did I consider the Phoenix New Times with its controversial approach.  I haven’t seen any UFOs and I am not in the public eye.  When I received an email from a New Times reporter I was very curious.  I don’t consider it a big deal to graduate at the age of 88.  I’m glad and proud and hope my action might show others that age or disability is not a barrier. 
Shanna Hogan is author of three best-selling true-crime books, has a bunch of awards and teaches writing at ASU.  After this discovery, I was even more curious.  What could she do with someone who is not spectacular and doesn’t have a problem?

After meeting Shanna, I forgot my dismay and we talked writing and formed a bond.  I suspect Shanna would instantly be a friend with any person on her radar but not many come into my radar to exchange autographed books.  That was pure pleasure!

Here is her story about Mariam Cheshire:


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