Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Worry business for the concert

I don’t expect you to click here and read any more about this worry business.   It came to my attention when Mandy told me: “Don’t sweat it so much.  Everything will be OK.”  
We were going out for the evening, five of us, to a concert.  We usually have our excursions in the daytime, to places we can walk or take the bus or light rail.  This would be different, an after dark  event and even though the invitation said “casual,” it would be more dress-up than my usual shorts and pull-over tee-shirt.
Mandy did the arranging, tonight was her treat for us.  I usually help her with details, checking to make sure that all bases are covered.  Tonight I don’t think I went overboard.  And she didn’t give me this “quit sweating it business” until I had made the third phone call to her about the taxis.  If we didn’t get a van for five, if two taxies pulled up out front for us, I wanted to be prepared on where we would meet, how we would handle it.  Did I hear exasperation in Mandy’s voice when she replied “We all have cell phones, we will call each other.”  Oh, of course, but then another thought occurred to me about the weather. 
“Maybe I should call and tell everyone it might rain, and to bring a jacket.  Also, someone might expect food so we should tell the other girls to eat in advance.”  Mandy must have been in a hurry because she made her answer short.  “OK, go ahead if you want to.”  She had calmly mentioned earlier that all in this group are big girls and probably know how to handle going to a concert.   I just thought it important to make sure.
I only made one more phone call to her.  “I’ve printed maps, two of them, to give to the taxi drivers.  It’s a hard place to get back into; streets from Central don’t go through.”  Mandy was gracious.  “Yes, that’s a good idea.”
Since I had been so insistent about being on time, everyone arrived before I did.  When I strolled casually to the lobby, not showing I had been worried about anything, it became apparent that I was the only one concerned about the weather.  Everyone looked so glamorous, so dressed up for the evening.  I wore a turtle neck pullover and carried my rain jacket. 
One van pulled up, as Mandy had planned, (not the two taxies I had been concerned about).  We arrived at the theatre early enough to look around at the beautiful art work.  Soon we were sitting in the comfortable seats at an almost full house.
The “folk/easy listening” music of FEENEY/WINTHROP was absolutely wonderful.  Different selections, from comical to “Peter, Paul and Mary,” to out-of-this-world violin.  The musical tones, the harmony kept us entranced and the audience didn’t want to let them leave.  The next day we are still raving about what a wonderful experience. 

Golly, everything worked, Mandy was right about not worrying.  However, as we all know, what one worries about never happens.  So even though Mandy gave us this event, I made sure it went well by considering  all the things that could go wrong and thus they didn’t.  I did my job, but I am wondering if another concert comes up next month – I am troubled about whether or not I will be invited???

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  1. that's right, whatever you worry about won't happen! it never starts raining when I carry my umbrella...but anyway, sounds like it was all fun, hope you get to go to another concert. ;)