Friday, April 3, 2015

Ode to an 85 Nissan Pegasus

Ode to an 85 Nissan Pegasus

To be read aloud

Brand spankin’ new, shining gold in the sun
She became my work horse for business and for fun

Down to the riverbed, digging sand for yard
Count to 21, she was always working hard

We rolled down the windows when it got very hot
Chris learned to drive in the church parking lot

Kids to school and church and play
All in front, “shut up when I say”

Always faithful, always there
Through changes and moves and years of wear

Clinks and sputters, stop and wouldn’t go
Chris inherited, didn’t have to tow

Utility trailer added, service for nine  years
When it was stolen, lots of prayers and tears

Finally came home, had been treated not well
Put back together, Chris wouldn’t sell

Three T’s learned to drive, spread their wings to fly away
Didn’t go too far, all here for this day

Golden truck we love you, please no more tears
We want you to stay around for another thirty years.

March 22, 2015 

#MariamCheshire  #AlternateSafeWorldofSanctuary #myrt-ty-ky-ly

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